Suissl™ is a premium Swiss VPN provider offering Internet security, online privacy and uncensored Internet around the globe and we advocate human rights. There is no better partner to choose from when it comes down to Internet security or online privacy because your privacy is our core business. Suissl™ does everything to protect your privacy and keep your data safe - we don't hand out personal information to any 3rd party. Your personal information is solely used to provide you with our service.

Our values

  • security
  • privacy
  • reliability
  • usability
  • sustainability

We have designed our service based on these values: You will notice the difference using a premium VPN service provider like Suissl™. We have been serving happy customers since 2009 around the globe.  Our headquarters are located in Switzerland - you are protected by the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection (FDAP) - best Internet and privacy laws around the globe. vpn switzerland

Our promise

  • enjoy best in class encryption technology with Swiss quality and reliability

  • keep full control over your subscription in our customer center

  • best usability for hassle free everyday usage

  • Trustworthy partner

  • Friendly and efficient support in case you need it


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